Dayanand Model School

 Dayanand Model Senior Secondary School 

B-Block, Vivek Vihar, Delhi – 110095 
Summer camp dayanand Model school

Summer Camp 2023

🌞🌳 Celebrating Memories and Achievements at the Summer Camp Closing Ceremony! 🌟🎉

As the summer camp comes to a joyful end, we look back on the incredible moments of learning, laughter, and growth that we shared together. 🌼🏕️

Our students embarked on a thrilling journey, exploring new activities, honing their skills, and making lasting friendships along the way. From sports and arts to science and adventure, every moment was filled with enthusiasm and discovery. 🎨⚽🔬

To recognize their dedication and achievements, we proudly awarded our young campers with well-deserved certificates. Each certificate symbolizes their remarkable progress and the indelible memories they have created during this enriching summer camp experience. 🏆✨

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our students for their enthusiasm, our dedicated staff for their guidance, and the parents for their unwavering support. Together, we made this summer camp an unforgettable success! 🙌🌈

As we bid farewell to the summer camp, let’s cherish the memories and carry the lessons learned into the future. Stay inspired, keep exploring, and embrace every new adventure that awaits at Dayanand Model School! 🌳🏫

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